Hi! My name is Amy Kothari, and I am a food artisan and founder of Big City, Small Batches, a writer and a lifelong enthusiast of all things culinary. I’ve worked as a journalist, in the legal field and the culinary industry. Throughout it all, I have had the tremendous fortune of being able to travel the world since a young age and thus began my lifelong love-affair with food. I grew up in a small countryside village in Western New York and traveling and seeing how different each country’s cuisine was and how that cuisine shaped their culture and in turn shaped the world’s view of them was a shifting moment in my life. These weren’t just foods, they were conversations, some fiery and loud and others subtle and quiet. For me, food became a way to define and express myself, not just sustain. While I always knew that the holiday would soon come to an end, I was able to bring the cultural conversation back with me by recreating my favorite dishes in my kitchen. Through this website I hope to extend these culinary conversations and build a place where I can share my favorite recipes and be honest about food. Enjoy!